The Little Guidebook for Green Moms & Dads_ePub

provides information about toxic chemicals in consumer products

This book (ePub format) discusses how we are being exposed, every day, to a cocktail of toxic chemicals in the consumer products we use. It focuses on the effects of this exposure to children's health, and offers solutions to reduce your family's risk.

This book, The Little Guidebook for Green Moms & Dads: how daily exposure to chemical toxins is hurting your kids (and what you can do about it), began as something else. It began simply as a way to tell others about the importance of paying attention to ingredient lists on the consumable products they brought into their homes every day. It began as an effort to add my voice to the many others around the world advocating for greener, cleaner living and buying ecologically responsible products…

The Little Guidebook for Green Moms & Dads discusses some of the harmful chemicals that you andyour children are being exposed to on a daily basis. It educates parents about the toxic chemicals that are in the products they use for their kids, and the effects these have on kids’ bodies. It offers easy to read information about the latest research on six of the most common chemical toxins found in personal care products and other consumer goods, and about what steps government agencies and manufacturers have taken to address the problems. It provides useful tips on what you can do to minimize your family’s risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. Finally, it gives suggestions about how to become empowered to help change manufacturing practices that put your family at unnecessary risk.

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